Why On The Spot?

Since 2006, On The Spot Mobile Grooming has been making dogs all around Cobb County look and feel their best. With On The Spot, there’s need to worry about transporting a nervous dog in the car or making a trip to a store or salon. Our high-tech grooming van is equipped with all the tools to treat and pamper your dog right on your doorstep. We make sure the grooming experience is easy and comfortable for both you and your best friend.

So relax…we come to you!

About Our Van

Our state-of-the-art grooming van contains a fully equipped, self-sufficient spa — no water or electrical hookups are required. Using the latest in grooming technology, our van is designed to provide the very best in safe and comfortable grooming for your dog with lots of hands-on personal attention and luxurious pampering. We park right outside your home, which means no more stressful car trips to the grooming shop, and no cage drying.

Clipper Vac Grooming System
This system ensures a smoother haircut in a clean environment, and our clipper blades never get so hot that they burn your dog.

Advanced Circulation/Ventilation System
To ensure year-round comfort, our grooming van has central air conditioning and thermostatically-controlled heat as well as dual ventilation for moisture removal.

All-Natural Products
All of our shampoos, conditioners, and other cleaners are all-natural, soap-free, biodegradable, and safe – not only for your dog, but also for the environment!

Hydro-surge Therapeutic Bathing System
We are proud to offer the “Hydro-surge” Luxury bathing system that combines the therapeutic concepts of whirlpool baths and hydrotherapy. Invigorating whirlpool jet action removes loose hair and dead skin for the healthiest coat possible and helps massage away the aches and pains caused by poor circulation and arthritis. Wonderful relief for dogs with hip dysplasia!

Superior Cleanliness
All grooming tools & surface areas are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized after each use.

About Damaris

A lifelong dog lover, Damaris Greene founded On The Spot Mobile Grooming in 2006. She has over 25 years of grooming experience and has been caring for dogs her entire life. Her goal is to make grooming convenient for you and comfortable and relaxing for your dog.